Our Neighborhood

All of the places listed below are well within walking distance of the cottage. For a wider selection of restaurants, stores, and shops, Eastsound is about a 15-minute drive away. If you are looking to stay close to your home away from home, however, check out what we’ve got in our neighborhood.


  • The Orcas Hotel
    • Orcas Hotel Café – Open in the morning and afternoon for breakfast and lunch (and also open for dinner in the summer), this place is amazing. You can’t beat biscuits and gravy, breakfast sandwiches, freshly made pastries, and freshly brewed Starbucks coffee served with a smile.
    • Octavia’s Bistro – Open for dinner, if you are craving something a bit finer this is a great place to go. From the amazing Bistro Burger to their ribs, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste on their menu.
  • Orcas Village Store – Every day, they make a fresh selection of breakfast sandwiches and burritos, lunch/dinner sandwiches (and we’re not talking just ham and cheese), take-and-bake pizzas, and microwavable meals. All of this on top of the groceries and essentials they also sell.
  • Mamie’s Restaurant has been reborn as Champagne Champagne – the main body of the restaurant is open currently under a tavern license. This means you can pop in for some delicious wine or beer as well as some light snacks! They hope to have the restaurant up and running soon!

Souvenirs and Gifts

The Cottage Gift Shop – This shop is filled with a ton of fun items from maps and guides of the area to books “written by” Sasquatch, from Orcas Island t-shirts to preserved bugs, from magnets and stickers to paper made from elephant poo. Whether you collect shot glasses, want to send a post card, or want some Orcas Island swag, the Cottage Gift Shop has you covered.



Orcas Village Store – This is your one stop shop (and not just because it’s the only shop). In fact, it is so wonderful it is on this page twice. On top of their selection of freshly made foods, they also have a produce section, tons of canned goods, cereals, chips, pasta, etc. and also a deceptively large selection of beer, wine, and cheese. They will get you with their just-by-the-cash-register selection of gourmet chocolate which, while not all made on-island, is all made delicious.


  • Boat House Cider Works – The newest addition to the Orcas Village family is Boat House Cider Works. Located just up Orcas Hill Road past the hotel, this little cidery has a wonderful selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink options. From their ginger cider to their commodore’s choice, we have loved every single glass we’ve tried! An added bonus – the cider is all made locally with local ingredients by local hands. And we had never seen a popcorn flavor bar before but you can taste one here and it’s pretty great.
  • Orcas Café – In the morning or afternoon, you can grab a coffee or a refreshing alcoholic beverage on the porch of the Orcas Hotel by purchasing it at the café. While they don’t have their full bar options available, it’s a wonderful place to grab a pint and watch the ferries come and go.
  • Octavia’s Bistro – In the evenings, you can kick upyour feet and have a drink at the only full bar available at the landing. You can buy bottles and six-packs elsewhere but nowhere else within walking distance can pour you a cocktail (until Champagne Champagne opens their interior).
  • Champagne Champagne – Pop in and sip on some delightful beverages with an amazing view over the water. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable about any product they serve and you’re sure to have a lively conversation partner even if you stop by alone.


Orcas Outdoors Kayak Adventure Tours – Whether you’re looking to take a 1-hour tour, a 3-hour tour, or a lengthier adventure, these experienced guides will make sure you’re taken care of. The best part? The tours leave from the dock just below the cottages so your commute to the tour is pretty darn swift. Call (360) 376-4611 to book your adventure.