Check In/Check Out

Check In

The check in time of 4:00PM is not a hard, set time for your arrival. You can arrive at any time after 4:00PM – we just make sure to have the cottage clean and ready for you by then.

When you check in, the first thing we would like you to do is look around. Do a quick run of the place and make sure nothing is broken, missing, or messy so we can fix it right away if it is.

Check Out

Check out is at 12:00 PM to allow ample time to clean the cottage in preparation for our next guests. When you leave, we have a quick checklist of things we would like you to do:

  • Leave any used washcloths, hand towels, and bath towels in the wicker basket provided
  • Wash any dishes you may have used or at least give them a good, thorough rinsing
  • Check and make sure you haven’t left anything (chargers and toiletries are especially notorious for evading recapture at the end of a stay)
  • Turn off all lights and electronics
  • Close any windows you may have opened
  • Sign our guestbook (if you feel so inclined… and we hope you do)
  • Write down any suggestions for improvements in our Notes & Suggestions notebook (it’s the only way we get better at what we do)
  • Lock the key in the lockbox on the front door (we’ll provide the lockbox combination for you when you arrive) and lock the door behind you
  • Send Rebecca a quick text when you’re headed out to let her know you’re finished with the space (540) 742-4882
  • Have a safe journey home or wherever your adventures may take you next

At check out is a great time to reflect on your stay. From booking through leaving the property, how did we do? If any part of your stay was less than a five-star experience, please let us know how we can do better. The more specific your feedback, the better!

After Check Out

If you enjoyed your stay, please find and follow us on Facebook or Instagram. We post updates, discounts, and giveaways on both. Feel free to post feedback and reviews there as well. If you check in at The Cottages at Orcas Landing on Facebook, we’ll give you a 10% discount on your next stay!